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10 years working plan 1300 year 1300 years ago 1977 1st level 2050 360 degree view of kind of a sunset or a twilight a big flow or power a device to keep my feeling positive a new pole a sales person A Seed for Summer Homework a tremulous awful feeling a white-eye above the horizon Abruzzo Accept Own Bare Condition accept the fact acceptance validation acclimation Acela acupuncture Adjust Posture admit or not admit advance preparation affectionate Afghanistan Aggressive Ah-experience Ajisai Dera ALBUM all come up with it together Altair Amagashi Hills america american way amitabha an opinion ancient balcony ancient site andersen apply for apply for the offerings humbly and vigorously appointment letter appropriate action archaeology areobic exercise Around The Clock arrange aspiration asuka atago atmospheric sunny and healthy ladies atomic bomb attitude attractive Autonomation autonomic balancing autonomy autumn autumn flavor Autumn Leaves Axis Aynu Azalea baby-boom generation Back Bone back up baggage Balance Sheet Balancing Between Working and Health Barber barefaced impudence barrier BASARA base ball based on a long-term perspective Basement Basic basic attitude or style basic customer list basic job flow basic style battle field be active Be Humble be unstudied in Beauty Being and Vision Berlin big flow big tree bilingual corpus BINGO Birthday blank period blossom body work BOOKKEEPING boon BOSS botanical garden bountiful baits boyhood memory Boys' Festival brace brain science breakeven Breakthrough bring home the bacon bring into action BRISK brisk fascination Broadway broiling sun Bud burn out bustle of city camera camera walk can keep on the safe side carbon dioxide career making Carp Pennant carrir-up-oriented cat cause concern celebrated CHANGE changeable chat Cherry Cherry blossom Cherry Blossom Front child psychology children child’s day chinese conversation chlorine bleach Christmas Day Chronological Resume cicada Citron Village clear-blue-sky day closing song clothes color card color chart Color Harmony color sample color tone come back comes from Asian countries Commencement company-analysis comparison competitive edge complementary relationships completion complex concern condition confer consult Confer Consultant Congratulations consciously consecrate Constitution of Japan consular consulting contract documents contract terminology contract work conversation cooperative works between various industries coordinator corporate governance Council Hall counseling Coursework cover career hadicap create a new value or commodity create an idea creative deconstruction CS cultural internationality customer's benefit cycle of three cold days and four warm days cycling Daigoji-Temple daral-Islam de-escalated deadbeat economy DEADLOCK debut Deer delivery democracy Deng Lijun depressed deregulation desire for child deteriorated Determine Cause dialogs or reconciliations Diary Dictionary direct marketing direction discussion disemployment Dispose and Select distress prevention do a work someone makes please do not take a short view Dodgers dog Doll's Festival door Drama DREAM dream taste dreaming right driving range DS dyeing technology earn my bread and butter earn one's bread and butter earthquake ease-loving thinking Ebola Vaccine ecology Economic Self-reliance education effciency effective Eiken ell emotional upset emplument service agency Empress Jito Encounter Endeavor English Proficiency English writing enjoji enjoy drinking enjoy my life and job enjoy staying entropy epic drama EPWING ESCAPE EVE Even a chance meetings due to the fate of a previous life even if it is difficult everyday life everyone ought to have a time to act even if we anticipate the result expansion Expo Land expression Expression Symbol of Ideas on Life or Sentiments for Transition expressive power extended probation extra expenses Eye Glasses eye of heart Eyes beyond Horizon Fair Fall'n Love family fancy farm-making device Father's Day Fatigue fear fear of death feel at the end of my rope feel brisk feel comfortable feeling of restlessness female medley fence Festival festival in honor of Ebisu final stage Financial Service Agency find favorable factor finishing firm basis First day first native FIT fixedly planted flagship comodity flagship service Flesch Reading Ease Fleur-de-lis flower Flowery Fragrance, Plenty Body and Fine Flavor Focus Attention on Results foliage season folk art Footspring in Ikoma for dummies forest forgive fortune fortune slip frame France free of charge free of stink French person Fresh Verdure Friendship Fukuzawa Full Casting Functional Resume Functionality Gain and Loss Galaxy Express 999 Ganjin gansenji get a strong fortune get back into shape get insuarance get over get to the back of failures giant kite-flying festival gigantic stone Given Chance globalization god of "Learning by heart" god of fire prevention going-away party gold medalist golf club Good job good meal good performance graduation ceremony grammer checker Grateful Heart gratitude green house effect greeting Groping Ground Mother Ground Zero Guard gundam Hankyu happy happy chain happy chine Happy for No Reason happy home happy new year Happy without Reason harvest in the life harvest moon Hasedera Temple Hatsuse High Road hattori have a dream Hayao Miyazaki healing buddha Health health of eyes healthy heart injure hearty thank HIDEKI TOJO hieda hieda-no-a-re higashi osaka high risk & low return high spot Hillary Rodham Clinton himiko hiraoka shrine Historical Novel history Hit Chart Hokkeji-temple holland home-bred chiken Honyakushiji Temple hopes and dreams horse sense horyuji temple hot citron bath hot dish HOT SPRING hot-spring cure hotline hout for treasure how to be vivid how to concentrate on the managing how to off the work how to pass down the story human relationship humbly Hydrangea I Love You I thank the sun for being Idea ideology ikaruga image character Imagination Imperial Palace in the trivial movements inalterable value independence index of terms of trade indian induction course Infrastructure inspect instructive Insurance intellectual knowledge internal governance international airline internationally-minded Introduction intrusion investment Ise Grand Shrine italy J-Sox Japan Animal Trust Japanes Plum Japanese apricot Japanese Art of Fencing Japanese bush warbler Japanese classical woman literature Japanese killifish Japanese persimmon Japanese Plum Japanese plum garden Japanese Traditional color JAT jazz Jeremy Rifkin Jim Donovan job Job Agent Job Creating Companies job flow job gain Job Link job mobility job-creating minds job-offering jomon JULIEN Just a quick note to let you know that jyoruriji Kashihara Ground Shrine kasuga shrine Kasukabe keep to a minimum KEIO Key Key Dictionaries free from OS key word kid onself knock around Koan Ogata Kobe kojiki Korean Peninsula koromogae Kume Temple Kuragari Pass Kyoto larning lasik operation last-samurai period late 30's Late Summer Cicada Late-summer greeting Laugh and grow fat Leader’s Choice learn by heart learn by mistake Lesson and Benefit Let me drop a line Liability life lifelong learning Light lightning stoke LIMIT limited chance Limited chances list own idea little by little local press locus LOOK Loop Line Bus LOVE lovely Lovin' You low carbon society lucid lucid piece of writting luck L’Aquila mainline make a bit progress make a fresh start make a progress make brain-storm make business sense make it make progress Makimuku Ancient Site Mama-san manage to get a chance managing items Manipulative Treatment Manner manpower manufacture Many shining ladies marriage marsh masterpiece match of seeking meaning of youth meet the deadline meet the dimand MEGALOPOLIS Memory mental and physical refresh metal and physical health Microsoft Photo Editor Microsoft Picture Manager miffed pride mild minister of the left Ministration Mirror Mitochondrial Eve MItosan Mizuo Village Mobile Executive Mobile Suit mock module expansion MOON moral tone morinoie mottainai mountain worship mountaineering MP3 voice Mr. Steve Jobs ms-word Mt Nasu Mt. Fuji Mt. Ikoma Mt. Kaguyama Mt. Miminashi Mt. Unebi Mt. Wakakusa Muronoki Pass museum musical my decision My Favorite Song My home my private carrot farm My Way nagai park Nagano Nagasaki Nara Nara Basin Nara Park Nara Prefectural Flower Center Nara-nyan Nasu national treasure naturally nearsightedness negotiation nephew neural circuit never give up halfway new business planning new error new idea New Shoes new value New Year Greeting new year's visit New York next position next step NGO NIGATSU DO nijo Nishi-no-Kyo Nishino-kyo No 3 Iron no side effect Noble-minded Patriots Nomo Non-Profit Organization non-regular employment non-regular employments nonpermanent emplyee Notch nothing is changed numahara obama Obesity obitoke object of my passion objective advice objective past fact objectize Obon Festival obstacle octopus balls Ohmine mountains Okutama old boy old friends Olympic Winter Games Omizutori once-a-year rendezvous one chance in a million One hand washes the other! only because of this time operation opposition party optical network Ordinary Ability oriental zodiac origin Origin of Sumo Wrestling Original Album OSAKA OSAKA UNIVERSITY osaka's natural history Osamu Tezuka Our attitude out-going writing skill outcome Outer Pressure Overflow overwriting ox Pacific Sleep pain sharing and competitive edge parmanet emplyment PASSION Past Performance Table pastoral land Patience wins out in the end PC peace peaceful direction peacefully pension permanent colored emotion permanent employee perpetual progresses personal computer Philadelphia daisy Philosopher's Walk Photo physical condition pictorial offering picture picture book Ping-pong Placebo Effect planting planting of young rice plants Planting plants nurses human’s soul plastc bag plod away Plus One Net polar bear ponyo pop-rice portable dictionary positive mind POSITIVELY post station posture Potsdam Declaration practical option pray Preceding Sentence precious information predecessor preparation preparatory plan preparatory set up present Princess Mononoke Prius probabilistic probation Professional Consulting for Flowers and Greening promote "Myself" Proofreading Proposal Pumpkin pure land buddhism Quail Quiz Rabbit-ear Iris ramrod-straight Rapsodia in agosto Rapsódia em Agosto re-challenge readability Really speaking reason for poorly-written Recollection recover recovery refined style Refining refresh refreshment regular employment remixing repaire research Resize Digital Photo Respect Responsibility Responsible Power REST restored Retracing retrieve review Revision Rhapsodie en août rice nursery rice paddy ridgeline Ring the changes risk Rivalry romantic breakup rose garden Route 308 ruling party Run as far as possible run out of stream Ryosen Tezuka safty side Saho River Saka No Ueno Kumo sakura Sakura Front salary rewview sales battle in this summer Sales Meeting Satellite Say positive word scene of labor SCENIC scramble screaming season Secret Garden sedately current of the times see beyond my nose Sekinin Ryoku self precaution self-analysis Self-confidence Self-directive Balancing self-searching self-supporting self-sustaining attitude senior associate Senior-Citizens settle to work Shiba Ryotaro shightseeing Shin Yakusjiji Temple shooter SHOPPING showamachi Simple keys to creating the success you desire Simplicity singing contest with Karaoke skilled know-how Sky SKY LAND IKOMA smart phone Smile Smoking snore social change social worker sohla solar power Solid Footing Something Extra Soviet Union special beauty spot spell checker Spirit of Self-denial Spring stable and robust basement stable start stable trajectory stag beetle Star Festival star festival day Start state-of-the-art medical technology steadfast preparation step by step stock holder stock investment stone street booth strengthening basic skills stumbling stupid subject of chatting subjective impression Success Sugawara Michizane sultry road summer camp Sunflower supple mind supreme view Sushi Bar sweet illusion sweet potato Swimmer sword SYSTEM Taipei TAIWAN Takatsuki take over Takisaka Route Tale of Genji Teflon Guy tekijyuku Temple temporary worker tenkawa terada sweet potato text to speech thank my neighbors for supports Thank you thankful chance thanks minds, care minds and modest attitudes the beginning of blog the best appeal the era of significant change throughout society The Festival of Souls the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake the highest seat of learning the Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets The Pillow Book The Sarashina Diary the way of proficiency the work place brings you to play, rather than the work you want to do think positively think simply thinking frame Thousand Carp thrift times tiredness Tobihino Today's Action Tokara Islands Tokyo tomb Tomorrow's lessons in the past! Top Gun top gun style Top Policy Top sales rep. Top Ten torokawa Torokawa Hot Spring Toshima Village Toshodaiji-temple Total Solar Eclipse tourism toy shop translation translator Trekking tremendrous trial trial and error try to be positive Tunnel of Cherry Trees twelve guardian deities two economical system two-party system ubuntu Ubuntu 8.10 Uji ume unchangeable things unconscious fear unconsciously under the limited conditions understanding unicorn beetle university unostentatiously unpredictable unstable condition urban greening Usability USB usb boot USB bootable USB Key Dictionary value change value standard varoius colors vast view VEGA Viewing Spot viewpoint Virginia Lee Burton vision vivid volunteers VORTEX walking wall WALL-E Wangari Muta Maathai warranty wash soul Water Hyacinth water-laden paddy waymark We should talk with each other Wealthy, Healthy and Fancy Welcome Party Welcome Rain welthy What may happen white bear whole forest widening disparity Will Win's within limited possibilities without missing the forest for the tree without protest without quitting without the path of retreat womb work work style work-sharing worker's face working hour working time World Heritage Worship Xuanzang Yagyu yakushi Yakushiji yamanobe Yamatai Kingdom Yamato Three Mountains Yatadera Temple Yatadera-temple yatsugatake Yayoi period Year of dog year-end cleaning up yearning for this year’s fertile autumn Yukichi ZEST Августовская рапсодия “shining”, “positive” and “flexible” mind