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Exhibition of History of Palau - Palau National Museum [Outing]

It was just about four hours by air planes from Osaka Japan. I went to see the 50th anniversary exhibition of “”Palau through the Years”, at the national museum of Palau Republic. The exhibition is consist of the origin of Palau, the transition of governing of Spanish/German/Japan/U.S.A., the modern age, the ethnic customs, the natural history and so on. Taking a photo inside is prohibited, but I would like to introduce them briefly in honor of their nation.


[Fig. 1]

This is a national museum of Palau Republic in a town called as Koror. There are no time differences between Japan and Palau. Here is the island of everlasting summer, alternating the rainy season and the dry season. It was just days, banana flowers are blooming. The Palau attained independence in 1994 as a freely associated state of United States of America. Japan has assisted them through ODA, - the official development assistance - , etc. and are keeping a good relationship with them.


[Fig. 2]

It is their traditional residence, called as “Bai”. There is a picture on the wall but, they had taught their culture of village, using pictures. Their article of folk handicraft is very virtuoso and colorful. Also, they have abundant traditions. Mainly, their nation-building story is similar to our Japanese one, so that we might feel a bond with them.


[Fig. 3]

There is a law that the war record of WWII cannot be moved to preserve the memory. In this museum, we can learn how the friendship between Japan and Palau was made after the war. Yes, the greatest beautiful nature is attractive, but I would like to give sincere recognition to their warm hospitality during the visiting. (Thank you for coming back and read it again!)

<パラオの歴史展 - パラオ国立博物館> 


[Fig. 1]


[Fig. 2]


[Fig. 3]



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